It was sunny in Ohio

1st and 3rd Saturday mornings at the Starbucks right off the I-480 Valley View bridge is an informal C&C - the best kind. Being about halfway between the eastern suburbs and the west side of Cleveland, there are usually a very nice showing of cars. If the weather is clear. Fortunately, this weekend was one of the last of the 90s and clear sunny days before this entire week of summer thunderstorms.

A good friend (with a bagged GLI) likes to take pictures and caught a few good angles. Car was dirty, but a little photo editing magic goes a long way. Can’t even tell that my front strut is leaking after only 50k mi. Bilstien is supposed to have a superior reliabiity - but all I do know is that they have a great warrenty. Going to replace with a set of PSS10s and revalve this set. Maybe put it on the Mk5. I assume the leaking is from from all the hard launches and wheel hop this car likes to get into. Fortunately just got to install some billet mounts and A.L.K. kit to help with that.

They say the quarter angle is the best angle for a car. Seems about right.

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