We are going to have perfect Sunchaser weather today.

I am sitting outside in my yard with my coffee. Toby has had his breakfast, and is protecting the yard from squirrels.

In a little while, Mrs. IM and I are going to saddle Toby up in the Sunchaser, and head out to a fruit stand I know up in the foothills. It is a pretty drive, and they have the most amazing peaches you will ever see. Then we are going to have a romantic date shopping for a new powerwasher. This is a good way to spend a Saturday. Make sure you find a girl who loves your dog and your car, Oppo.


By the way, her Cressida is in for repairs, and she is very excited. She says that once it is mechanically sound (it is very close), she is going to drive the shit out of it, paint and body work be damned. See what I mean about this woman? Now if I can only find working power fender mirrors...