It will be mine.

Deposit placed. It’s difficult to contain my excitement. Previous post here in case you missed it.

Long story short, the ~16 hour trip there and back was worth it. The car was exactly as advertised, it drove well, and the owner was as nice as everyone said he was. We spent a good 3 hours going over the car, discussing the ownership experience in detail, and taking it for a quick trip around town.


It was built and tweaked with simplicity and usability in mind, which is precisely what I was hoping for. Behind the wheel, it reminded me of the Birkin Lotus 7 replica I drove in Hakone in how open, direct, and agile the car was, but with the added refinement of a few decades of improvement in engine, suspension, and chassis technology. Thankfully, I had no problem cramming all 6'2" of me inside or being able to drive it in spite of the seats being positioned for a shorter driver.

Now I just have to wait a few days for finances to become available to pay the remaining balance and then find a good weekend to get back out there. My plan at this point is to drive it back with the aid of my fiance (who is about as excited for this as I am) and a second vehicle sometime in early-mid August.

Here are some more pics in the meantime:


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