Doug Demuro has made no end of FP enemies, as evidenced by the popularity of comments like this one made by some kind of ham fist or something. But I want your opinion, Oppo, what say you?

I like Doug and I think he's been a smart pick by the Jalopnik staff as he clearly knows how to write for views and comments. Seriously, within 5 minutes of a DeMuro article popping up the comments are filled, I suspect his kinja inbox icon is perpetually that little infinity icon. I firmly believe his controversial writing style is just that, a style and that he knows what he's doing to bring readership to the site and not in a clickbait way so familiar to Gawker. So what do you think? As a former (current) opponuat, is Doug the real deal or a real or a real dick.

Chime in anytime Doug.