A video posted on Youtube by Lance Miller ( co-owner of Carlisle Events) shows Ralph laying down a NASTY burnout at Carlisle, complete with the Hellcat exhaust note we've grown to love, and a lovely blower screaming under it.

One hand out the sunroof and one out the window, he gets out, grabs the mic and says, "I apologize. I forgot to turn the traction control off.".

This guy is absolutely my favorite personality in the Auto Industry. He's not just some clown in a suite he's a gear-head, a race car driver, a total enthusiast at heart.

The SRT Brand was folded back into Dodge, and it isn't clear what his role (if any) is with SRT products, but the Hellcat is one of his babies. So happy that he was able to get it into production. God knows how difficult it must have been.