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It works!

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Back in October a customer of my dads dropped off his 80's Hi-Fi equipment, including an amplifier and a turntable. The equipment were in good condition, however the turntable was belt-driven, and it lacked a belt.

So after a while, we eventually decided to online order the belt, and got the belt this week. Previously having purchased a dusty copy of "Band On The Run", we fired it up and it plays well.

So what's next? I'm deciding to replace the cartridge on the turntable in case the turntable had been sitting untouched since the previous owner presumably broke the belt. This may or may not affect the sound of the LP I already have, but at least I'll be less worried once I have a fresh press of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" or likewise. An IKEA shelf is coming so that I don't have to put this on the floor.

Any suggestions and advice for general turntable enjoyment?


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