Got the Chevelle back together yesterday evening and tried it out today. The clutch engagement is riiiight at the end of travel, but it does release all the way (non-synchro reverse goes in okay), and throwout bearing lash is (barely) in spec. Not sure what’s different now than before, unless trimming my bumpstop made that much of a difference.

So what’s next? It needs washed, my cover for it needs washed (which means hanging out at a laundromat for a couple hours, woo), and I should probably make some effort to connect the speedometer. Otherwise, it’ll get driven now and then until it goes into winter storage. Hopefully the clutch wears in a little during that time. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to gauge when the last tank of gas is going in and add stabilizer.

The short test drive was fun, it is way more eager to Go than with the powerglide. I may have even heard the faintest of tire chirps going into second on one not-too-aggressive shift. Lots of oil smoke out the exhaust as always. The transmission is also pretty gear-noisey, some gears more than others (duh) but it’s got a whine for sure, which is odd since it probably shouldn’t - it’s not an M22. Sounds like a next-year problem.