So i had to take my 2004 Land Cruiser into the shop today for a grinding caliper. It starting following an ice storm last week, which i initially assumed was caused by ice build up, but apparently the caliper was frozen. Considering it had been a few years and 80-90k since i’ve done the brakes, i was guessing that they would be needed as well. I was correct.

Total for all this, even with the shop waiving the labor for the calipers? $1,400+


This is largely due to Mr. Toyota deciding that you should need to rebuild the hubs in order to change the rotors on a 100 series. So the shop gets to charge roughly 4-500 for front and rear.

This is the big debate now. Do i keep it or move on?


- Its incredible reliable

- Its big enough for my family, yet small enough to fit in my garage

- It laughs at snow storms and the forest trails i take it on

- Its paid off


- Its 14 years old and has the tech to prove it.

- I’m presently getting about 13mpg, although summer is higher at maybe 18 highway

- At 201k i’ll likely need to replace bushings, ball joints, and other fun stuff soon

- I live in the land of salt and snow, and despite my best efforts, I will lose this battle. The body looks great, but the undercarriage all has a coating of rust, and i’ve had to drill out numerous bolts as a result.


One option is to trade it in and get something more modern. The other option is to keep it, but get something to take over commuting duties.

What do you guys think? Anyone interested in a Midwest 100 series?

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