Italian Pain

What a pretty bike and scene and one of my favorite roads in my car, but on the bike you notice how awful the road surface is. It really is not kept up well and there are lots of grooves. So I took it once following the SO in his car and that was ok, but I am not quite that comfortable leaning over far yet. So I took the bike on the road again the next day without him just to try slow and lean more etc. Well...


Yup... Down we went. Wasn’t too bad since I got on the brakes and it was 90% grass and dirt. My bike is much more hurt than I am. While very very sore all over I don’t have and bruises or scrapes and the only damage was some to my pants and a small hole in my backpack. My bike though got some lovely new scrapes and scratches and the radiator is fucked

Yeah the radiator inlet or outlet (not sure on the flow pattern for the bike) got smooshed almost close.


Luckily I was able to limp the bike to my SO’s after he brought me a screwdriver to bend the inlet/outlet and re tighten the clamp to fit the new not round shape.

So now it sits at his house waiting for my many parts to show up...

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