Why not replace my recently sold Megane with an Alfa 156?

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Because I already have enough cars to constantly repair and not enough time.

Anyway, a friend of mine came by with his Focus for an oil change and a trailer hitch install.
One of his colleagues now asked if I could change the clutch and main seal on his Alfa 156 1,9 jtd.
Having never worked on these, and having enough to do with my own cars, I’m not really motivated to do it. So I told my friend I would do it if he doesn’t find anyone else, but not before 2 weeks, which he apparently took as an ok (nobody wants to work on these I guess?).
Has anyone of you ever worked on these? Draining engine and transmission, dropping wheels, half-shafts, transmission, clutch, flywheel, change seal, reinstall flywheel, throw in new clutch, reinstall the transmission, half-shafts, wheels, and put in fluids. How hard can it be? Should be done in 4 hours including a small coffee break, hopefully. Please don’t tell me I’m wrong.

On a brighter note: My dad and I are currently working on putting our 505's on the road again:

Yes, we have a bit of a hoarding problem, but we’re working on it
Yes, we have a bit of a hoarding problem, but we’re working on it

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