f1 spoilers may turn up here

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hello monza... the ferraris should be getting another front row lock out here...assuming they dont crash


max looks surprisingly close to the pace tho....but that was just fp3 we’ll see if he can keep up in qually...not that it matters as hes starting at the back anyway

riciardo is looking fast too...surprisingly the alfas dont look all that fast here...least no in the practices

anyhoo...the tifosi better enjoy their front row lock out whilst they can (assuming they get it) as it looks like it will be a wet race tomorow

sucks for ferrari as that means their top speed advantage wont mean much...welp maybe they’ll get lucky and the rain wont come


anyhoo...lets watch qualifying

(edit...sorry missed half the chat... missus urgently required me turn up at the mall....to pay for shit...urgh..back for q3)

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