f1 spoilers may turn up here

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its dry for the time being...im not sure if that helps or hurts leclercs chances of taking the win...but the odds are stacked against him...after all...this is ferraris home race and they already made their one good call for the season last week....im expecting them to screw up spectacularly...and then get lynched by the tifosi... tho...i guess vettel could help leclerc by whoopsydaisying both mercs off the track in turn one


max starting at the back should provide some entertainment...if he doesnt immediately crash and his engine doesnt do anything wierd

kimi starting from pit lane as they decided they might as well give him the new spec engine after he broke the car in qualifying and would have started near the back anyway....sooo... at least max wont hit him turn one this time

and finally the renaults are in the best position theyve been this season... be nice to have riciardo on the podium again...hulk would be good too.... im going to need a little chaos for that to happen tho...... welp forecast does say there might be rain from about the halfway point in the race....sooo heres to hoping

time to find out :)

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