Seriously, folks. I get that this is a car website and that people are going to discuss F1 on here. I even like that. I've even been involved with those discussions since very early Sunday because I watched the race first thing in the morning. And I even avoided coming on Oppo before I watched the race so that it wouldn't be spoiled for me.

That said, stop being dickfors. It doesn't take a lot of effort to hide spoilers for a couple of days. By Wednesday? Yeah, fuck 'em. But being a douche doesn't win you extra-cool internet points because you're so hardcore that you avoid the shit out of the internet to watch your races. I do avoid the shit out of the internet to watch my races, but I'm also not a raging bag of douche (I think, at least) so I try to not spoil it for other people when I can.


I realize that a little courtesy for someone who isn't yourself or your own penis isn't particularly high on the list of things you're looking to provide, but stop being adamant assholes about the spoilers thing. This is a "community" after all, and it doesn't take much effort.

Or don't try and hide spoilers, but at least shut the fuck up about how awesome you are that you don't hide spoilers.

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