...but at least it won’t sound like a soda can when I drive it

laid some foam insulation into the ceiling (before)



I would say... it’s a good thing all this work will be hidden. I got better as I went, but the kwality of my work was very low

some in the rear quarters. heavier rubber stuff than the ceiling, which got foam.


and some in the trunk. which I’ll probably rip up and do again. I did a lazy


aaaanyway. still mountains of rattly tin can metal to be covered. rest of the trunk, under rear seat, inside the front doors. not looking forward to the front doors. I know it’s probably the place where it needs it the most, but access is bad.

please proceed to tell me who I’ve done it wrong in the comments. I dont think I’ve seen such an irrelevant topic so hotly debated online as sound deadening. 

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