I'm staying near an industrial park I have a rental Challenger...

Hoonage accomplished.

The V6 challenger doesn't really have enough balls to beat on in the dry, but is a hoot on wet roads. Initial impression is that the chassis is sloppy, but it rotates slowly and predictably. Burnouts came more easily than I expected and the traction control allows a surprising amount of slip before stepping in (only in the wet). Turning it off results is a surprisingly communicative driving experience considering the car's girth and soft suspension.


Unfortunately while traction control was easily defeated, I couldn't figure out how to fully turn off stability control and I was unable to complete more than half of a cookie at a time :(

...Also the brakes are terrible. I could bottom out the pedal easily and ABS kicked in a lot sooner than I expected. I'm biased through, I've been daily driving on street/track pads all summer.

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