Its 2:45AM - I need to complain about DIY GANG on YouTube

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Its late/early, I’m up doing work, and I’m tired and irritable. If you don’t know who DIY GANG is consider yourself lucky. There are several build shows I like/follow on YouTube. Recently, this crap fest has landed in my recommended list.
Started out as something interesting, guy gets a significantly fire damaged Hellcat Challenger and says he’s going to do something crazy! Host is incredibly annoying, but I assumed he was going to pull a possibly salvageable motor and swap it, or build a VetteCart/ShartKart/Leroy type car.
What proceeded was an excessive amount of mugging for the camera while Captain Clownshoes spends countless videos cutting damaged parts off the carcass saying “LOOK THIS IS IN GREAT SHAPE! WE’RE GONNA REBUILD IT!!” Not counting the obvious hazard of trying to get a significantly fire damaged car back on the road, all this manchild is doing is for views and hits on his youtube page. I’m the sucker that watched (skimmed if I’m honest) 4 episodes, but holy hell.
It really shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but man, fuck this clown. It just feels so disingenuous and fake.


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