I am not here to bash, by any means, any automotive icon: especially as one as revered and loved as the “Italian Stallion”, Ferrari F40.

However, it is 2017, not 1987, and life has moved on: at least for some.

2017 Camaro ZL1

I’m happy to reminisce and talk about how great the old days were: I’m just old enough to do so and remember. but can we move on please? “But consider one more astounding feat of this pony car. 30 years ago, the Ferrari F40 was the fastest car in the world at 199 mph.

Yeah, 30 years a go! If your claim to fame today is that you can match, almost, a car of 30 years a go, well, that doesn’t make me feel all that great.


No, I’m not being that grumpy old man down the street but let’s stop being like our parents and grandparents and saying that everything today sucks and all would be better if we could just go back to yesteryear. What a load of shit.

Other than being cars, there is no comparison between the Ferrari F40 and the Camaro ZL1. Stop it!


Let’s just enjoy what we have today that’s within reach, and truly is amazing. Remember the episode of TopGear, real TopGear, where JC waxed longingly and poetically about the death of the super car? Series 13 episode 7 from 2009.


He was in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, an epic car. It’s a brilliant piece of film, not television, film. It was an obituary to the car itself, especially the super/sports car.

Look around today, some 8 years later and never in the history of the automobile have there been more choices or flavors of super/sports cars. That brilliant piece of film was JC’s senior moment and took the shine off of him for me.


Please, the rest of us, let’s not make the same mistakes as our forebears. We are better off today than we were yesterday, the world is a better place than it was yesterday.

just like you, I remember and reminisce about days past and the moments within them but it’s 2017 and tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. The undiscovered country is before us and it’s as wonderful as we want to make it.