It's 50 minutes past midnight, October 30, in Manila.

What if you find out you are immune to zombification?

Another fine, somewhat undead day begins anew in IKEA County, population 44. You and your fireteam (5 other survivors) are on a usual supply run; you’ve run thin on some foodstuffs, buckshot, generator fuel, detergent soap, and disinfectants. You’ve checked out of the store when a member makes a mistake of making a loud sound, and now a horde is on towards your group. Easy pickings, you say, but now there’s another horde. Then, in the heat of battle...



Right at the back of your fucking left calf. You jump free and is the first to board the van. It’s a big bite, and now the rest of the fireteam are flummoxed. They can either kill you or cut the leg off and cook the stump. Fortunately, this is a different fireteam and they merely decide to get a stove.

Now, you and your fireteam know that a victim reanimates within 100 seconds. It’s been 4 minutes, and the two you sent for the stove got there thinking it’s too late—they nearly got overrun. Otherwise, the supply run ended as scheduled and your fireteam is back at IKEA County safe. Lead element is limp, but safe. The hot microbiologist/microsurgeon sees your bitten calf. So does Avery. So does Jake. So does everyone.

1. How will you address your stunned audience?

2. What are the things that you know you will never be able to do knowing you’re now a carrier?


3. It’s been three weeks since the bite and yet you’re still human. What’s next for you, tough guy/gal?

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