...Automation is a pretty awesome game, so why not make a rear-engined, RWD Skoda/Lada/Eastern Bloc boxy beigemobile with an all-cast-iron 1.4L engine?

Such luxury! Such Communist style! And, with it’s 67 raging horses, you can be sure the Gazelle will get you there at some point probably!


Revel in such decadent features as its large front trunk and its use of the exact same door handle on all doors, the rear engine hood AND the front trunk hood in the interest of saving valuable manufacture time and increasing the availability of inevitable spare parts! Stare in awe at it’s steel wheels and many cooling vents and scoops! Smile at its gratuitous use of cheap black matte plastic instead of fancy Capitalist chrome! Head on down to your nearest dealer and test drive one if they can get it started today! :D

...on the plus side, work on the Noen SS hot hatch and it’s lesser ecobox ‘S’ and ‘L’ trim levels goes well too...


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