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It's A Girl!

My wife popped out a baby girl last Tuesday! I knew it was going to be a girl, everyone was guessing a boy but I knew it. I’m still in the initial whirlwind of baby stuff but it is super cool being a father. It’s crazy how much I love this child! Both my wife and I agreed that we didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much. She watched her first F1 race with me on Sunday, and by watched I mean slept through.


It kind of sucks being back at work, I feel like there’s so much I might miss while I’m here.


Anyway, if you’re ready I highly recommend becoming a parent. I can’t wait until shes at the “Power Wheels” age. Recent google searches include:

“Power wheels modifications”

“Brushless power wheels”

“At what age can kids get into karting”

Happy Monday

P.S. work bought me a Nespresso machine for my office and I am craaaaaaaacked the fuck up at the moment.


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