My fellow Opponauts, I have been graced with some excellent news. Despite my fairly new laptop already failing due to failure of cheap, Chinese components, I think my race car budget for the summer can be salvaged. This hunkajunk’s slow demise has set me back to the tune of $850 all in for parts to build a new computer, however a friend and fellow tech enthusiast has come to save the day. Wanting a project of his own, he has offered me enough for the folding failure I’m currently typing on to cover the cost of my new computer, and then some. In essence, I will be going up a few rungs on the computer ladder, while not losing a cent in the transaction. There is some hope for project Angry Dwarf in the coming months!

Have another expensive object with frequent electrical failures for your time:


Computer failed

Friend is buying carcass off me

New computer parts on the way

Racecar possible!