It's a Jeep Thing

My rental on Oahu for the next few days is a soft top 4 door Wrangler. Nice to have a convertible in this lovely 80-90 degree weather for an island vacation. It was entertaining leaving this dirt parking lot by just driving straight through rocks and ruts and crap. Can’t do that in my Miata! Not planning on doing any actual off roading but it’s neat so far. Putting the top up is absolutely awful as we experienced last night when turning in for the night. Took a solid 20 minutes and a few finger crushing events until it was finally sorted out. Forget doing that in the event of a surprise downpour! So the top will just stay up Saturday and Sunday due to the high chance of rain. Or at least just do the partial open instead of removing the rear Windows and folding the whole thing down.


Anyways, also went on a nice hike this morning to Ka’ena Point. Apparently that translates to “The Heat” and with the temps in the 80s at 9am it was certainly warm. But some nice cloud cover and breezy trade winds and a relatively flat hike, it made for a great morning.

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