With Killer Queen laid up at the mechanic waiting for that PowerTorque remanufactured axle, I’ve spent a bit of my weekend working on some of my storywriting, reviewing some things for my machinist job, and of course, randomly spitballing ideas for what I want to do in my life.

Here is that list.

  • Get a Martin Greenfield suit.
  • Perform a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT Maneuver) at a police training program.
  • Re-engine Killer Queen with a third-generation Coyote engine good for 450 HP, with a 10-speed automatic transmission from 2018+ Mustangs. Maybe also throw in a custom drive shaft for the kit, which I make myself using my machinist knowledge.
  • Drive Killer Queen as a pace/safety car in a road course race.
  • Road trip the United States. Stay the hellfuck far away from New York and Chicago.
  • Visit Holland, my birthplace.
  • Pay my respects at Normandy.
  • Drive a tank.
  • Write a bestseller? Ha ha. Riiiight.
  • Have Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool ride along with me in Killer Queen, cracking wise. We also get chimichangas.