For the next few days, until I start a new, exciting job, I deliver auto parts for a well-known national auto parts chain here in Raleigh. Several of our customers are also racers. We've got a couple dirt track guys and some drag racers. The guy that runs this shop is a drag racer. He's got a VW Beetle drag car, and also this thing:

It's a Nash Metropolitan. For reference, this is what a Metropolitan looked like off the showroom floor:

It's a little different now, I'd say. They chopped the roof several inches and filled in the rear glass and replaced it with a small window from a Chevy truck.


In the rear, they fitted a large spoiler. If you look in the trunk area you can still see the rounded metal from the point at which the spare attached. You can kind of see the Beetle drag car in the garage in the background. It used to be neon green but last year he crashed it and when they rebuilt it they painted it flat black.