So the spouse is getting a Yukon. Her Pathfinder is being passed down to one of our kids, although he doesn’t have his license yet (but should within the next month or two). Since I work from home now, I really don’t need two cars that sit around, plus the Pathfinder, so one of mine needs to go:

I’ve gone back and forth as to which one goes. I love the Jag, but I don’t like driving it to places where I’m not sure what the parking situation is (I hate door dings!), I don’t like driving it in rain just because of how many idiots are on the road, etc. So the Mustang has been my bad weather/do everything car, plus I just love driving it. But even though it’s a Roush, it’s pretty easy to replace and the XFR-S isn’t, so I decided to keep the Jag. Then I thought “well, that’s exactly why I drive the Mustang and don’t drive the Jag, so now I’m going to drive the Jag to all those places and in bad weather even though if something happens, it can’t be replaced?” So I was leaning toward keeping the Mustang. But then I thought “the damn car is made to be driven” — so I’m keeping the Jag and selling the RS3. And now I come to my fellow Oppos for confirmation — please tell me I made the right choice!

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