Eileen is gone. All I have left is the tattered and useless convertible top cover that I forgot was in my garage. Oh, and $850, which is much lower than I had wanted but my dad "didn't want to throw parts at it until it worked" (hey, guess what! It WAS the starter! The guy fixed it in our driveway in five minutes! I told you! >.< ) and sold it himself. I mean, I get the money, but still.
On the bright side, she's gone to a nice guy who plans to restore her with his 11-year-old son to be his first car five years from now. I'm going to keep a lookout on Mustang forums to see if I find a build thread for it. That just might bring a tear to my eye in a good way. :')
Oh, the memories. I took that car on my first date. I had my first kiss in it, too. I pushed it to the limit so many times that it had to give up on multiple occasions. I learned to "drift" on a small dirt road near my house. I drove through neck-deep grass behind an abandoned farmhouse one time just to get to an old, closed off road and try to do burnouts (which never happened. I think I was too scared to give it enough gas). So much more.... I'm going to miss her.