I was reminiscing about some old times with a friend. Back when we were in high school we were out to lunch and I started showing him some stuff on Oppo. He wasn’t a car guy or anything but was curious about what I was looking at. He then mentioned that his dad had some old Porsche in his garage but he didnt know what it was. I was intrigued and he said he would tell what it was later.

I ended up posting it here because it was fun too imagine what the mystery Porsche would have been. But I didnt think it would be anything more uncommon than a 944 at best. But it ended up being a 911. I wanted to find that post because that person that didnt even know the model of that old Porsche in his garage just a few years ago is now known as K-Roll. Amazing how fast we can get someone swallowed up in the scene.