I wanted to share this because I thought it was too cool not to share. Yesterday, during church, I found out that the people sitting in front of us owned our house before the previous owner. Which makes them the third owner, and us the fifth owners. And they were the ones who changed the house into its current form. Small world, right?

Shown here with large amounts of mud, because living at the lowest part of the hill is exciting.

Talking to the wife of the third owners, I found out they converted the 2+ car garage into the massive living room because, and I quote, “[they] could never park their cars in there, there was too much stuff in it”. Well I knew the room was a old garage to begin with, but I never knew why it was converted. Also, the wood they used was pickle barrel wood.

Though I do find it humorous that the only surface that doesn’t have wood is the floor.

They also redid the entire basement, which the fourth owners sorta let go, :/.

And I just realized I left the hoses out all winter. Oh well, they were all damaged to begin with.


And they were the ones who built this part of the outside deck. Maybe this summer I can borrow a power washer and give it a good cleaning.

I’m pretty passionate about my house, it’s the first one I owned, in a place I only dreamed about living at, so naturally I’m a giddy school girl when I find out more about it. Hopefully they’ll bring pics of the house next Sunday, as I’ll be bringing more questions with me, :).