Brought to you from the files of 505’s constant observations of the local parking bureau. Okay, I was wondering when they chicken scratched on this sign (due to be changed) that there would be a change in the “street cleaning” ban in my favorite sneak street to park. Okay, it used to be pretty easy, every Sunday night before 11pm you had to move your car. When 7am Monday rolls around you can park there again. Now it is 12:01am Wednesday till 7am Wednesday. So how many people want to bet that there is a study that says that people equate 12.01am Wed into actually THURSDAY morning a percentage of the time. To further compound the issue it is now only a ban on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. Now I don’t know about you, but this has me reaching for the calendar to double check - because I don’t want to wake up to a missing car in the morning and going to the impound. But knowing how vacant most people are when they park a car, I can only imagine this is a play for more ticket and tow revenue. What say you Oppo?


And so I checked last night during the ban - street was parked front to back.

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