Yesterday about an hour before work was over I received an offer for 4 Audi replica wheels with minor rashs for $40. Friend of a friend had them because his sister used them for snow tire wheels. That car that wore them was gone but the wheels were taking up space. About 90 minutes later they were in my car and I gave them a $50 with a don’t worry about the change. Then I start to clean them at home just to discover they are 18x7.5 with et20 offset. So nice , made in Italy but not the right offset. Damn! My car can use about an et33-et52 range without flaring and rolling the fender. So here I am with a decent set of wheels that would only fit our B8 A4 that my daughter has 150 miles away where she lives now but I wanted them for my car. On mine I would definitely have rubbing issues with an increased track width of 46mm.

I got up early and finished washing them. Toted them back to work and asked the one other Audi guy who works in a Chevy operation if he wanted them. No immediate reply so I figured I was going to Craigslist them and make a few bucks. Within 30 minutes my coworker is hot on my heels with the money so I figure they will end up on his A4. Money back in my pocket. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

A3 picture for your time