Most of the people at my gym have at least halfway decent gym etiquette, but some of them are minor nuisances. I’m not sure who drives this blue Toyobaru, but the guy with the orange one is a major toolbag.

Orange Toyobaru guy may or may not be an employee of the gym. I don’t think he is, but half the time he’s here he appears to be personal training someone, and the other half the time he’s here with his “I’m a power lifter” female friends who are well, I’m being diplomatic here....not really power lifters. Dude acts very serious about having these random folks do jump rope and other random exercise combinations while he takes turns doing the same thing. It’s all Very Serious Business with this guy and his little entourage, taking up space and playing shitty music from his phone’s speaker.


There’s another Toyobaru, a tan one, that belongs to a girl who is very serious about her squats, and equally serious about taking 5 minute breaks between sets while she sits IN the motherfucking squat rack messing with her phone. Last week, she was looking to use a bench press, asked a dude on one of the benches if he was done soon, and he said no but she could work in. I happened to be almost done with my bench pressing so I told her I had 2 sets left, then took the plates off the bar, and did my usual wipe down of the bench. She said, “you didn’t have to do all that,” to which I replied, “if we lose our gym etiquette, we’re no better than savages.”

I don’t think she got the point.

UPDATE: Look what the fuck was in the parking lot on my way out to my car. I had already moved on from weights to cardio when she arrived, thankfully.

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