f1 spoilers may turn up here

finally...summer break is over

anyhoo...ferrari should take the front row here..i dont think anyone can keep up over a single lap...race pace wise the mercs and bulls look stronger tho... that said if anyone can throw away a golden opportunity at a front row lock out its ferrari


mercedes is having a tough weekend between technical difficulties and a rare fuck up from lewis...i think the bulls will be all over them... also...perez shiney new spec merc engine asploded in fp2....i wonder if thats a sign of things to come

and on the bulls..albon will be starting at the back so itll be interdasting to see what he does in qually...if he makes it to q3 he could give max a pretty good tow on this track... in any event i hope they let him go for it instead of playing silly tire games to have a whole bunch of fresh sets for tomorow....i want to see what he can really do

and the rest of the field is tight as always... the force indias look fast..alfas look q3 capable too.. and riciardo managed to set a 4th place time in fp3...wich is to say....ive no idea who will make it to q3 other than the usual 6 (well...maybe 4 if they cant get hammies car fixed in time and dont let albon play)

welp...time to find out

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