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Finally got Onibaba off the jack stands and took her for a short shakedown spin around the neighborhood. First time driving her since April of last year, and I’m pleased to report no major issues! A few things that still need adjusting, but basically everything worked like it was supposed to! Well....except I evidently missed a bolt on the seat hinge, so when I took a turn a bit aggressively it popped out of the hinge. That’s an easy fix though. So yeah, all that is left is to put the interior back together, put the top on, sort the P0106 code so I can get her inspected and registered, and then she’ll be off to the mech for corner balancing & alignment, a new clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder, braided clutch line, intake cam install and a few other bits. I’d do it myself, but to be perfectly honest, I’m sck of working on her and just want this round of stuff finished.

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