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It's Alive pt 2: This thing is quick! (with video)

Got the new engine running back at the end of January, made it drivable the first weekend of February... but then snowpocalypse happened to New England and I haven't had a chance to drive the moose until today!

My mother's parents bought it new, so I figured it was only appropriate that my mother go out for the first drive with me. It surprised me and my brother (recording video, his engine) how hard it pulls! She's 72 and I think she might be visiting the hospital tonight with a heart attack! Wheelspin from 20 was unexpected! (hey, she taught me to drive this way...)

(at 0:07 you can see her trying to grab the doorhandle to escape) And boy does it pull hard! Sorry this one is out of focus, but didn't have time to fix it. My brother driving, dropped it into first at the top of the onramp and boy does it pull hard! Sounds good too, if you have good speakers turn it up!

Oh My God a car this big should not move this quickly. It's effortless feeling, and it just rips. You can feel the posi doing it's job out back when you punch it.


Still have a few things to do before I go anywhere with it - oil change, pull the heater hoses off to fix a tiny leak... but it's basically ready to drive!

Best of all we found a professional metalworker who is into it and will weld us a new trunk floor from scratch for not too much scratch... with a lot of customizations (like making a removable hat where the new fuel pump sticks up through the existing trunk floor...) included.

Next project - get the A/C working! I've been reading up on running the old A6 compressors with R134a and what to do to make it work well. Anyone been through the conversion before?

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