“A pimps love is different from that of a square....”

I find myself smitten by this deliciously pimp-tastic 2003 DeVille DHS. Low miles and creamy soft gathered wrinkly leather that probably resembles the original owners skin.

Wheres my track suit? I’m ready to go full Paulie Walnuts.


Vogues and chromes allow your pimp hand to remain strong.

This vintage DeVille DHS and DTS had pretty cook Lexus-style gauges and most of the wood is really from a tree too. This clust is re-configurable too, you could either have the gauges or just a basic digital speedo that was cleverly projected from a mini HUD at the top of the gauge cluster.


Take a look at that soft wrinkly leather.....makes me want to jump in and head straight to Boca.


Factory Astroroof too! I’ll have to beat the ladies off with a stick at the Filet of Soul.


All this for only $6999....find it on the electronic bay.....in New Jersey!!...where else?

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