What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I made some progress on my Chevy, and have about 3 days of work left on it (roughly estimated). So in the last weeks I figured on what I should work after that.

To put you into context, I currently have 6 cars:
- First gen Pajero, that got a new transmission 2 weeks ago
- 1960 Bel Air V8 that got new flooring and a new headliner a few months ago
- 1960 Bel Air that got an engine rebuild over the last months, which currently needs some work, but should be finished soon
- 2013 Mégane RS, that needs a lower ball joint and some minor stuff, and is going to be sold in 2 months max
- Peugeot 505 2.5 GTD, my former daily driver, which always had some minor issues, but started to sip way too much oil, and is currently sitting without an engine
- Peugeot 505 V6, that I bought last year, on the very same day I bought my first Bel Air, and has not really moved ever since.


So right now, 3 of my cars move under their own power, and 1 will do so very soon. The logical next step is to start working on one of the 505s.

I would really like to see the GTD on the road again, but it is the one car I have owned for the longest time, and I went through a lot of stuff with it, both literally and figuratively, so I want to do it right. it needs some work on the engine, transmission, some welding, paint, I want to redo the stereo, and upgrade some things to make it the ultimate daily driver I always claim it is.


But that will take a lot of time, and I don’t want to rush it.

The V6 on the other hand, might be more valuable, and also needs some work, but I can accept to drive it in a less than perfect state. This one needs some new front suspensions, new brake lines, some welding, the removal of some badly welded patches in the rear, and at some point, paint.


The welding and paint aren’t my priority, as nothing structural is rusty and I can live with some imperfections. The suspension and brakes are mandatory though.
The thing is, this particular V6 has ABS brakes, giving it a specific brake booster, pedal set, front suspension, and some other various parts, and of course, none of that is available any more. A side effect of the ABS brakes is that only the V6 alloy wheels fit the car, but that’s a minor detail.
My original plan was to rip out the complete ABS system, using a GTD brake booster, pedals, and front suspension. which would have been a quick-ish fix.


I recently saw an ad for a 505 V6 engine with manual transmission on the french equivalent of craigslist. So I called to ask if they had some other parts. Turns out it is a complete car, although in a bad shape. the current owner wanted to take it to a destruction derby, and took the windows out, but when he wanted to move it on his property, one of the rusted rear trailing arms gave up. Rusty trailing arms i a very common issue on those, but at least it immobilized the car, making any further destruction difficult.


I know most of the parts will be rubbish, and have no hope that the ABS system on this one is ok, but the engine and transmission are said to be ok, various body parts are okay, it has a complete set of V6 alloys, the front suspension is said to be ok, and it has an A/C, which I want to try to put in the GTD in an effort to modernize it.

This is the V6 I already have, which will hopefully be on the road again before end of the summer
This is the V6 I already have, which will hopefully be on the road again before end of the summer

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