Knowing my past vehicular history, once I get to the point of changing things up drastically and adding the one mod all my cars (save a very few) get: Amp and sub(s), the path of ownership tends to end shortly thereafter. Maybe not THIS time.

I roughed in my driving lights last week, finished them this weekend trimming and finishing of the openings and the rest of the install (will take pics soon) up to the point of wiring, because I have a surprise for that.... I also decided to install the Mazdaspeed Protege amp and sub (only a 250w amp and an 8" but it adds enough low end for what I use it for) that I've had forever.

First, I popped the hood, and looked for a suitable way to route the harness and for a grommet to pass the power cable through.

And I couldn't find SHIT. Both outside:



That's when I noticed the majority of wiring exiting so far to the driver's side that it HAD to be in the fender area. So I pulled the left front tire and splash shield and found THIS:


That's right! Behind all that salt and grime is a FACTORY WIRE TUCK!

So I ran the wiring as discreet as possible, because I pretty much HAD to. It was a pain, but also nice for a change. Can YOU see any indication I have an aftermarket amp power wire?


How about here?


Nope! All hidden very well out of sight, thanks to plenty of room following the existing body harness down the driver's sill. Then I got it all back to the trunk and took a break.

Things got a bit sloppy after that because, after all, its a TRUNK. And although I needed the custom homemade box to sit securely, I also needed it to be easily removable in case I need to haul big items.


Like Trans Am parts.

Also while back there, I noticed I didn't have a glow in the dark anti-kidnapping handle, and there are LOCKS on the back of the rear seat to keep them from opening, but the only way to fold them down is in the cabin. Shit.

My wife asked if she wanted to lock me in there so I could take a nap.... not without a way out, my love.


So yeah, it's sloppy, but its in. And it sounds good. There's so much adjustability with my old ass head unit it will sound good no matter what I play. Country to rock, hip-hop to oldies.


So does this mean the death toll has been rung for the Camry? I hope not. It's a new exhaust and a timing belt change from being around for another 200k+

Oh, and that lighting project....