And that means it’s almost new car time for us!! Got an email from our ‘vehicle concierge’ yesterday reminding me of this fact. Oppo, I present to you, the contenders and requirements that brought us to those contenders. Our current is a Q5 similar to the one below.

- Audi (I’ve tried very hard to convince my wife to consider submissions from Alfa, Volvo, and a few others, but she’s dead-set on Audi, which is fine by me)
- SUV (Once I gave up on other brands, I pushed for other Audi vehicles, particularly coupes - I did get her to seriously consider one!)
- Performance (As fine as our Q5 2.0T is, we both want something with a little more pep in it’s step)
- Warm Weather Package (I hate to lose those lovely quilted seats, but we like ventilated seats and it gets fucking hot in Chicago)
- Cold Weather Package (It gets fucking cold in Chicago and heated steering wheels are nice)

Contenders (in order of likelihood):

Audi SQ5, Moonlight Blue:

Very similar build to this one from AudiWorld


Audi Q5, Moonlight Blue:

Moonlight Blue is pretty, but I’m digging the Black Metallic.


Audi S5 Coupe, Mythos Black Metallic

This being my personal top choice.


The S5 is my top choice, but I just have a hunch my wife will demand really prefer the SQ5. Which is, again, fine with me. Also, for some reason, she didn’t like Navarra Blue on the S5. She crazy.