What is it with the oldest students in the class always being “that student?”

What do I mean by “that student?” Generally, things that irritate me, which is quite a lot. But in a college course that usually includes:

Asking a question every ten seconds.

Asking questions that were already answered.

Asking the professor to repeat what he just said because they were too focussed on typing every single thing they say or post!

Not filtering out superfluous information and therefore typing every word in a powerpoint and then asking the professor to go back because they can’t type enough. Or, they can’t type and pay attention to what is being said at the same time.

Really odd requests that have an obvious answer, ie: asking for everyone to write down their contact information. Thanks, but no thanks.

Did I already say asking a million questions? I don’t remember because I was too busy typing.


I am by no means some stellar student who you should study; I do decently well in school and I have managed to do that by making sure I do not do the things mentioned above. I have never found verbatim notes to help. I have found that paying attention to what the professor is saying is more important than writing it down. I also do a good job of figuring out what to take note of and what to just listen to.

Sorry for the rant.