While I was working last night a guy came out to pick up his car, and while my coworker was out getting it a homeless guy stumbled around the corner. Homeless guy sees the customers wallet in his hand (grabbing a tip for us) and asks for some money. The dude was clearly drunk as shit.

So the customer responds with immediately with “Go get a fucking job.” Now I’m on alert, most of the time a firm no is more than enough. So the drunk guy tries to put his hand on the guys shoulder and says “Fine, you give me a job.” The other guy backs off and says “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”

At this point I jump in to try and distract the homeless guy and just get him to leave. “Sir, sir, if you could please move along” and stuff like that. It went on for another minute or so and I eventually got him to leave after I promised to talk to him when he came back (I was pretty confident he wouldnt be back and he wasnt)

After he left the couple was like “Wow, I would not have handled him that well” which I could only think, yeah, you near got in a fight with the guy.

TL;DR: Nobody wins when you blindly escalate a situation.

Also, bonus points if you can guess the car he drove.