I’m off school until this fall. Due to work being slower, I have some free time (as evidenced by my increased posting on Oppo) and I’m thinking thoughts that would make my wife feel incredibly frustrated if she was to hear them expressed.

I’ve been looking at my Father-in-law’s derelict ‘51 Chevy, in the barn, and my testes ache knowing he will never do anything with it.

I feel a need to pull that car out into the yard and wrench on it. Actually, I feel a need to have any car to wrench on. I have limited mechanical ability - the most complex work I have ever really done was a complete (rotors/calipers/master cylinder) brake job on my old Volvo and even then I had to take it to a shop to bleed everything. I want a project car. I need a project car. A cheap set of sockets, some grinder wheels, and maybe some sanding disks would be pretty good therapy for me.

I’m just ranting... But... If I I could get into anything cheap enough...