It's back again!

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New reference sensors in and it’s back to running as it did before. In retrospect, I’m so glad I had a shop do that job, God knows how many walls would have been punched if I kept at it when I tried before...


Anyways, this is what’s left on my constantly fluctuating to-do list for “The Red E”

  1. Trans fluid change.
  2. Adjusting the passenger door handle.
  3. Fixing the now intermittent passenger side window switches(one on the driver’s side, the other on the passenger side.
  4. Repaint rocker panels
  5. Replace driver’s side rear marker light bulb

Not that bad of a list, for now. I also might be saying bye to the regular plate on the car, as we dad and I may be switching to Hagerty insurance for both cars, and that requires mine getting a historical plate; something I’m kinda mixed about. In any case, I’m just content with having the car back before classes start on Monday. ^_^

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