It's been a good 24 hours

The Racing Beat front sway bar, end-links, and blocks are installed (only sheared off two small screws holding the lower wind tray in place) in the Miata which is ready to go auto-crossing Sunday. I'm now Vice-President of USC's Gamecock SCCA chapter for Fall-'15/Spring-'16. I was able to complete basic-level geotechnical engineering homework due 10 am at 2 am in the morning; still running strong on 4 hours of sleep. I picked up, walked, drove, and dropped off a cookie cake for my friend's birthday whose bowling party I'm attending tonight. I got first place (thank you, everyone, for recommending it!) in the Jalopnik article for top 10 creepiest robots and my post in the LaFerrari-stranglehold article is well-received.

Here, have these awesome wallpaper-sized renders of the 918 as done by Dangeruss.


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