It's been a good day

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(not my desk, but adequate facsimile)

Eventually, that is. It started out with my cable Internet being stopped by my cable company until I acknowledge their message, but I managed to get back online. These days I’d be lost without internet.


The house is currently a little messier than usual, but that’s all part of the process. I needed to clear off a table to get to that TV I mentioned in my previous post, and right now I’m having to step over all sorts of crap. It’s only temporary, or at least that’s what I tell myself. But in the process I managed to find a couple of things I’ve been searching for for the last few months. One was a missing Kindle; I know there’s another one around here somewhere, but I’m just happy I found the one with the books I started reading a few months back. Unlike my old Nook this thing has the backlight and it is simply the greatest feature to hit e-readers.

The second item is an esoteric little computer part, namely an internal USB hub for the computer. One of the strange things about the motherboard in my main desktop is that all of the USB ports on the back are USB 3.0. It sounds fine at first, but those ports aren’t active until the system boots, meaning that it won’t recognize the keyboard until the OS is already loaded. The USB 2.0 headers on the motherboard are all in use with various devices on the front panel, and I don’t like having to plug my keyboard and mouse into the front of the computer. This little hub will allow me to add some USB 2.0 ports on the back of the computer where I can plug in those devices, saving the USB 3.0 ports for things that can actually use the speed.


I think there was something else I was looking for that turned up, but I don’t remember what it was. All I know is that I’m happy I found it. I think I’ll go read for awhile and get to sleep hours before I normally would, and then get up early tomorrow and resume the cleaning. In addition, a few more computer parts should be arriving tomorrow, something else that makes me happy.

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