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It's Been A Good Week

Oppo, it's been a pretty damn good week. I moved into my new apartment on Saturday, went on a Sunday drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway, and found cool things along the way.


I started a new job on Monday, and finished my week driving into the sunset down twisty rural roads while blasting AC/DC. It's been a good week.

It's weird moving to a new place. I grew up in a big city, go to school in a slightly smaller one, and now I'm living on the outskirts of a town of 16,000. In rural North Carolina. It's odd being in a small town. The roads are good, I can see the stars at night, and there's awesome sunrises and sunsets. The air doesn't stink of industrial chemicals. It's kind of nice. But I miss the toxic, orange-skied city. I'm slowly starting to adapt. I already drag my vowels more than I did. But some things stay the same. I've already dismantled most of my front suspension in the parking lot outside my apartment. And I still smell like motor oil most of the time (doesn't seem to bother my co-workers).

Shifting gears, any oppos in the Piedmont triangle area? It would be fun to meet up.

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