On my way home from work I somehow broke a shock mount in the rear. Half way home its banging around all fucked up. I cant get the lugnuts off. 2/5 are stuck, ones stripping. THE MOTHER FUCKING WRENCH GIVEN TO ME IN THE CAR DOES NOT FIT THE FUCKING LUG NUTS. WHAT THEY FUCKITY FUCK. I got to Sears, the lug nuts is a 20mm. Ok I need an impact gun and I’ll get a whole impact socket set. NO FUCK YOU YOU WON’T. The set skips over 20mm. Sears is also sold on of 20mm singles. I’ll have to get the standard type socket. Cheap ass piece of shit gun still does have the power to get the nut off. I use a torque wrench and STRIPPED THE ASSHOLES. I get a 19mm and POUND THE SHAFT INTO THE HOLE. Its a tight hole but if you BANG HARD enough it will go in. I finally get my nuts off. One nuts is stuck in the socket so I BANG A SCREWDRIVER and the mother fucker goes right through the top of the lug nut. Then my 5 y/o daughter face plants off her bike in the middle of the street. blood. fuck today.