It's been a little bit over a year since the new (now current) F1 theme song was introduced

I believe it was March last year that it came out.

I get psyched up when I hear the song now. My original comments were that it sounded generic, but when you watch F1 all the time anyway that song was inevitably going to sink in.

Of course, it can’t really compete with The Chain because, well, it was The fucking Chain. The way the song meshed with the BBC intro graphics was excellent, bringing old school flair to a new era of Formula One.


My original thought was that the song sounded generic and that it wasn’t all that memorable. I didn’t think about the fact that I’d be hearing it quite often, plus the fact that the main hook (or chorus, whatever the fuck it’s called) is a memorable few bars of music.

I’m definitely on board with it now, but I still think the full song ends in a strange manner. That said, we never hear it on the broadcast anyway.

Do you guys like or dislike? I always look forward to the Canadian Grand Prix, even if last year’s race was uneventful.

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