It's been a little while

I hope everyone had a good Christmas (and/or whatever else you do or do not celebrate) and New Year. I’ve been busy, hence minimal Oppo. It’s currently 3 degrees Fahrenheit here (-16C) which is wonderful, high today was about 6, it’ll be dropping to -6 overnight (-21C). Tomorrow is supposed to be the same, but it should be a balmy 20 (-6C) by Sunday.

In hindsight, most of that was probably asbestos

The week of Christmas, I ripped out the nasty old carpet from all but one room of the house (excluding the kitchen and bathroom, because tile) including the padding, six million staples, tack strips, and the beat-to-hell old baseboards. I also painted the ceilings, because they were high gloss textured ceilings - who does that? I wrapped up by touching up all the drywall, fixing the outside corners and seams which have ostensibly been very-poorly mudded since the house was built in ‘78. To mix things up a little, I also demolished the ugly giant-white-stone-facade fireplace, which I intend to rebuild in thin brick.


Plenty of paint was applied to the walls as well, which is nice. This is all in preparation to install some hardwood floors (and rebuild the fireplace) so I’m not done yet - the hard/messy part is done, but the expensive (materials, I’m doing the labor myself) has yet to begin.

Got one box to make sure I like it. I like it.

Car-wise, not a whole lot has been going on. Christmas was good to me and I now have a nice Delta bench grinder in need of installation as well as some new vice grips in the tool box. I did finish cleaning up the RX-7 oil pan, which is currently in the barely-50-degree garage (struggling due to lack of insulation, not undersized furnace) with a fresh coat of paint hopefully drying. Eventually.

Hopefully putting this all back together Sunday so I can begin the next step, which is the steering linkage.

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