And only mildly productive! Go to store, take way too long discussing project at store, come home, break for lunch, finally get started 'for real', find out I need something else at store, get back and discover mispackaged product, go back to store again...

But progress! This is where it was at Sunday night, dropping the EFI motor in!

Today I spent basically the entire day putting the gas tank in a few times and plumbing the fuel system. All AN fittings, Aluminum line and braided hose except about 2 inches of rubber in the return line. Went with 3/8 for cost savings, if we have top end problems we will look again at 1/2" but for now everything looks good, all the lines and fittings are in and tight, the wiring to the back of the car and the base engine harness are done. Quick pics:



You know when you started at 8 AM and tuen off the garage lights at 11:30PM it's been a long day...

Tomorrow the EFI computer and harness! Or is it today?