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I was completely ready to do a write up and pictures about the Audi Q5 TDI that we bought a few weeks ago, but Murphy absolutely loves enforcing his laws, especially in my case.


(Not my actual car, same one though)

So the day we signed the loan paperwork and made the down payment on the Audi, my wife was driving our e90 328i home from work when she caught the edge of the pavement on a local road. Thanks to the staggered wheel set up (I assume) the car pulled hard right, way harder than she expected, and she messed up the whole right side on a guardrail that was about 2 foot off the road.


Luckily she was going like 50 kph so nothing happened to her.

So the next day we took the car to the body shop to get appraised and repaired while we flew to Ohio for a two week stay. While there my grandparents in law let us drive their ‘99 integra, which I was also going to write about. it’s only got 95000 miles on it and I thought it was interesting enough to warrant a story.


Moving forward...

We got back to Germany this weekend, and took delivery of the Audi on Monday (spoiler alert: it’s friggin sweet) which has become the wife’s daily because she has a longer drive and diesel equals mpgs. We hadn’t heard anything about the 328i until today. I wasn’t really prepared for the news.


The insurance company valued the car at €11,700 which is slightly more than we still owed, with the added benefit that our loan is in US Dollars so the exchange rate helps. Then they told us the estimate for repair was 15k!

I almost shit my pants. They are completely totalling my car for what we thought was a glorified big ass scrape down the side.


On the bright side, I now get to go shopping! I jave found a few candidates within a decent price range, if i could just get anyone to answer a damn phone... Wish me luck! And I’ll try and get those write ups done when everything settles down.

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